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Printed Marquees

We here at Top hat marquees are specialists in the industry. As the provider of the best marquees to the market, through our structurally certified and engineered product: we have been able to work with marketing agencies and businesses for over 10 years. The relationship we have with our clients is one of a mutual respect and strong appreciation for brand protection. When you purchase an event, pop up, portable or any other type of marquee from us we enter into a lifelong relationship through our lifetime warranty.

Our printed marquees are designed to last – they are weather proof, UV resistant and made of the highest quality aluminium. In the event that one of our marquees doesn’t last the length of its purpose then we will replace the constituent part or marquee.

With so much experience in the industry and with many promotional consultancies, we aim to produce the highest quality in printed marquees. Perfect printing is available on our marquee’s roof, valance, full walls and half walls – you simply send the design and we guarantee 100% perfection in the printing on your marquee.

If you would like to learn more browse our website or feel free to call our office for queries or an obligation free quote on 1300 156 205 or you can email the team at info@tophatmarquees.com.au!


Promotional Marquees

Promotional marquees can play a significant role in allowing your brand or company’s product or service offering to stand out and shine in what can often be a cluttered environment of stalls, stands and other marquees. Our marquees will stand tall, with high visibility and a 100% perfect printed branding and design of your choice.

Our marquees are also made to last a lifetime, with as many uses as there are places for you to erect your marquee as a monument to our product and to your businesses own brand is as many uses as we had in mind in the design and manufacturing process.

If in the event one of our promotional marquees fails on you which is contrary to design, we have a lifetime warranty that will replace the marquee giving you peace of mind and knowing that you will buy once and buy for life. Your purchase with Top Hat Marquees will allow you to save money with an online supplier, experience delivery Australia wide (with free delivery in Sydney metro) and know that you have the highest quality in commercial grade marquees on the market.

Our marquees will make promotion easy with engineering certificates for structural integrity, wind analysis and UV Strength analysis certification a long with a unique hexagonal frame made of the strongest aluminium. Cheaper marquees made with tubes or plastic are simply left behind and nothing more than cheap knock offs which is why we’re able to make a lifetime promise to you. Call our office for any queries, quotes or enquiries on 1300 156 205 today.